Lucy and Kel’s Relationship Reno

Lucy and Kel have noticed that another radio station in Melbourne are running a competition to help couples get divorced. There is also a TV show currently about to launch with a similar theme. Whilst both Lucy & Kel all too well understand that marriage can be tough and in some instances it doesn’t always work out, they want to give YOUR marriage the best chance at staying strong. Instead of encouraging giving up, they want to encourage you with a Relationship Reno!

They want to help you out with a date night so you can reconnect over dinner and a night away without the kids… Perhaps you and your spouse are in need of some Marriage Counselling together… Maybe you are desperately seeking some sound financial advice or perhaps you both are needing a great Marriage Course to rekindle the flame… Whatever it is. Lucy and Kel believe in YOUR marriage.

If you would like a Relationship Reno, leave your details below & be tuning in next week – you could be getting a call from Lucy and Kel!